Ricky V Valentine’s Ghetto Classics & Other Strange Fruit

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 It’s Friday and its been a hellish week with new business pitches, client meetings and an April Fool’s media stunt gone pear-shaped (when a certain national newspaper pulled out at the last minute) – big props to the editorial teams at AlwaysOn and ZDNet for running with it; so allowing us to snatch a last minute draw in the face of certain defeat.

As its the weekend I will be retreating behind the decks fulfilling my true vocation as a reverend in the church of House and the Souvenirs EP from C Side Trax has already a smile on my face and a shimmy in my gait. First up there was a skit advert for a boxed set collection by fictional lounge singer Ricky V Valentine singing hip hop standards such as NWA’s Straight outta Compton and Jay-Z’s Girls Girls Girls.

Then there was an unusual and way cool latin house groover Hugo Maldoro – I know a little Cuban, eerie lonesome vibe to the track but in the box all the same. Its a bargain buy!