European Elections: All about bread and circuses?

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With European elections nearly upon us once again pundits are siting a new low in voter apathy. In addition, opinion polls in the UK show that many UK voters don’t even want to be in Europe. No one has asked them where else they would like to be?

In sharp contrast to this voter apathy is the interest lavished on the Eurovision song contest. It has grown so big they have had to hold a qualifier round. Terry Wogan’s witty commentary and a strong element of schaedenfraude at some truly dreadful performances have made it compelling television. The European parliament should get a committee to learn lessons on how the song contest has managed to move from Eurovulsion to big business, the Eurovision website is sponsored by Tiscali and audiences from all over Europe can vote for their favourite artist by premium rate SMS.

What a bunch of hypocrites we are! Whilst you are waiting for the Eurovision results why not have a go at the Terryisms generator.