Shattered Glass

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I was loaned a DVD copy of the film Shattered Glass by my workmate Jonny last week. This film tells the story of Stephen Glass a disgraced journalist who wrote at the New Republic magazine. Glass managed to have over two dozen made up, or badly researched articles appear in one of America’s most reputable magazines despite a rigorous editorial policy.

The story got me thinking about how dishonesty would play out in blogging, given its rise as a grass roots way to publication. There are few, if any editorial policies to bypass. The main barrier seems to be that blogs are more about opinion pieces and analysis rather than ‘real news’.

I posted on this at the (now defunct) AlwaysOn network. As an aside the increasing power of blogs as a media has been recognised in political circles with bloggers been given press credentials for the forthcoming Democrat Party Convention, more details here.

Shattered Glass is a good film. It captures the investigative process and news room tension really well. The standout performance is by Chloe Sevigny,  who had previous appeared in the uber-preppie American Psycho. More reviews here.