Elvis Presley in public domain

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According to Reuters, the Elvis Presley back catalogue starts to become public domain from next year. Music industry fat cats are petrified as they see their revenues from The Beatles and the Rolling Stones start to go south in the near future. Maybe they should have invested in new talent instead?

The BPI is trying to put the squeeze on the UK government to secure legislation similar to the infamous Sonny Bono act in the US, violating existing public rights.

The Copyright Term Extension Act 1998 was named after Sonny Bono who had died six months previously.  The music industry wants to get similar 20 year extension to protect the early Elvis Presley recordings. 

What is less apparent is will there be a future market for Elvis’ recordings, given that collectable items are already falling in price. The Elvis fan base might be finite and dying out. More related content here.