Interfluff Global Brands & Other Stuff

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Interfluff has teamed up with Business Week to launch its global brand league table again. The table is avidly read by marketers and loved by journalists as a reference, but how much of it is meaningful. If you auctioned off the brands in the morning how close would you get to the monetary value quoted in the survey. I suspect pennies on the dollar. The vacuous nature of it all was illustrated in Inclusive Branding by Ludlow & Schmidt. In their book they compared the values of brand according to different brand agency rankings and found no correlation, ergo the process is little better than a wild ass guess. On to the other stuff, I picked up a new 12 on nrk DJ Meri – Everything. The dub mix is the cut for me, nrk comng with the quality deep and tracky stuff. Simply Vinyl have been putting out some interesting sampler 12s in association with indie label V2. For 5.99 GBP you get four quality remixes either in a house, jazzy house or junglist style. They are not the newest, but quality cuts.