TabletPC yet again

Reading Time: < 1 minute

CurrentAnalysis, an industry analyst house that I have some respect for have a very nice top line piece on the TabletPC a couple of weeks ago. The key highlights are that a TabletPC is going nowhere without:

– A stronger retail presence

– A keyboard (what they call a convertible: a laptop were the screen swivels round to become a TabletPC)

– Adoption by the likes of Dell, IBM and AppleThey dont make any mention of:

– substitute products like PDAs, smartphones and Anoto pens

– the fact that the complex packaging and screen hinge will keep the product relatively expensive compared to laptops

– the compelling reason why it would get widespread adoption, especially when more and more people can type faster than writing

– why on earth Apple would want to make one?

Using a TabletPC is kind of like living with your family, it seems like a good idea at the time, but proves a lot harder after you have got used to other arrangements.