In The Sandpit

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Great article in the Guardian Online on the dangers of selling internationally, but not thinking the same way from a geographer employed at Microsoft. Lessons that all international marketers should learn from. Selected highlights include:

– Showing the disputed Kashmir region as not belonging in India on a map used for setting timezones on a computer, which stopped sales of Windows 95 in the country

– Including sections of the Koran as background chants in a Mortal Combat-type game called Kakuto Chojin, it had to get pulled off the shelves soon after it went on sale (and you wonder why the X-Box doesn’t have all that many good games apart from Halo and.. and there’s erm.. erm Halo2, and.. and… erm let’s move on shall we)

– Describing April, 30th as the Queen’s birthday in the republic of Uruguay (so which queen is that then?)