UBL has his uses

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UBL or Usama Bin Laden in civilian speak was called upon by gossip news site Popbitch to rid the world of the alleged comedian Jim Davidson. Jim is a man who makes Jimmy Tarbuck seem talented and makes Bernard Manning seem fun loving and innocent.

From Popbitch:

Take my comedian, please

Muslim extremists, please get this man Blue “comedian” Jim Davidson left Britain and moved to Dubai earlier this year. One of his last acts was to refuse to play a gig because there were too many wheelchair users in the front row. He’s now wowing the Dubai expat community with this charm. Last week at a bar a heavily pregnant popbitch reader spotted him and greeted him with, “You’re Jim Davidson!” “And you’re a whore,” the comedian replied. (If any of our readers are members of fundamentalist Islamic terrorist groups, may we suggest Jim for kidnapping and beheading?)