Keep it Classy San Diego

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I got to see a preview showing of Anchorman: the legend of Ron Bergundy (Quicktime req’d) courtesy of Popbitch at Vue (the old Warner Village) in Leicester Square earlier on in the week. It is fantastic: the memorable punchlines come thick and fast, Will Ferrells physical humour is great and references to cultural touchstones such as West Side Story are deftly grafted in. I am a big fan of Will Ferrell anyway, but the film had a sterling cast including performances from Luke Wilson, Joe Black, Vince Vaughn, a relatively tolerable Ben Stiller and even cinema hard man Danny Trejo.My reservations about the film is only that I am sure come Christmas time next year I will get tired of people quoting its dialogue; in the same way that

Ali G from the 11 O’Clock Show and the League of Gentlemen were sucked of their creative marrow by the same fools. So I thought I would get in first with the Ron Bergundy sign-off as the article title.Plot spoiler: for all you animal lovers out there, the dog comes back.

In conclusion, by Thor’s hammer you should go and see this film if its the only one you catch this month. This is the film that Austin Powers trilogy should have been.