Ya Can’t Hate The Game It’s Da Player Ya Hate

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Years ago, games did not need text books on how to complete them, were not realistic enough to inspire copycat murders and had playerability.The king of the heap was a bunch of crazy Californians called Atari. Now old code doesn’t die, it just get recycled. Many mobile phones have old school games recoded into Java to run on them, also my mate Stephen sent me a copy of Jum52 the Atari 5800 emulator for Mac OS X written by Dubliner Richard Bannister. It looked wonderful, its just the key layout isn’t that good for an iBook user like me.

Then I come across this story on my Excite news page. Atari are going to be launching all their golden oldies from the 1980s and further back on one disc for the PS2 and as a ‘replica’ hardware package of the old Atari consoles called the Atari Flashback with 20 games inside. Cool times indeed, remember street hustlers, its not the game; its the player you hate!