Free as in Beer

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During the dot com boom free SMS was available as part of your account. I used the facility to keep in touch with my team who were out at CeBIT (Hannover Germany) in 2000. I sent SMS messages via my PC, they got them on the phone. It worked a treat. BT experiment Genie went even further giving you an email address and the first 160 characters of the message was sent to you. My American clients loved it as they could page me, unfortunately BT Cellnet (mmo2 as its known now) eventually closed this technological showcase. It was with a sense of deja vu that I received an invite from my Finnish friend Jonna, to try out a new free service: For those of you who know me you can email to me an SMS via gedcarroll at sms dotac, keep it below 160 characters and in plain text format for it to get through.

Time will tell how useful it is, anything that helps cut down my phone bill from Orange is a bonus.