Gliding Along on Mixed Metaphors

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Baileys Glide is Baileys Irish Cream with vanilla flavouring in a hotel minature bar sized bottle and aimed at the sophisticated alco pop drinker. Though I haven’t come across it prior to seeing some advertising posters, it has sold well over 4.3 million bottles (thats a lot of cholesterol and alcohol poisoning) through supermarkets, offlicences and convenience stores. Anyway I was standing in Covent Garden tube, waiting for a train when I noticed the advertising poster for this drink. It has the outline of a young woman holding a glass with feathers inside. The feathers make out the shape of her throat and stomach. The visual metaphor was to do with gliding like a feather fluttering down, however the ad got my attention because I confused the visual message with a tickly throat or ‘coughing up feathers’ (when someone has a persistent cough reminiscent of cats and fur-balls). This confusion in visual language was a classic example to me of appallingly bad visual communications that may be the work of BBH!