Stop Press: Music Week coverage of BPI action on UK file sharers

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BPI launches legal action against 28 file-sharers

The BPI has unveiled details of the UK record industry’s first legal suits against illegal filesharers this morning, with the confirmation that 28 individuals will be targetted during the first round of actions. The organisation announces that it will take legal action against 28 UK filesharers, which includes users of the KaZaA, Imesh, Grokster, Bearshare and WinMX networks. It will seek damages and injunctions preventing the individuals from continuing to illegally upload recordings to filesharing networks. Further actions will follow, it says. Meanwhile, today’s announcement, which also sees France and Austria take the legal route for the first time, now means six European countries – Germany, Denmark and Italy began legal proceedings in March – are currently embarked on filing lawsuits against serial uploaders with a total of 650 cases now being pursued.

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