Stop Press: Apple numbers rocket

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Apple’s financial results go off the scale, Bloomberg reports on the record profits here.

The numbers were driven by iPod and laptop sales, they could have been higher if the iMac was launched on time. You can listen to the Apple audio webcast here. There was an issue with getting adequate supply of G5 micro processors which restricted iMac and professional boxes. Interestingly all the iMacs have been airfreighted to their markets at an increased expense in order to meet customers demand.

Music grew 370 per cent (includes iPods and iTMS), hp counted for six per cent of iPod sales. There was some constraint on the iPods due to some difficulties in getting the required number of hard drives.

More Apple stores expected in the UK after Regent Street, revenue in Europe was up 31 per cent. Education sales were up by almost 20 per cent, back to school higher education sales were successful.

Revenue growth was a key message delivered throughout the webcast.

One of the analysts on the call mentioned that AT&T was trialing Apple systems to get around the Windows virus / malware epidemic and asked what the take up was in the corporate sector.

Apple’s officical press release here.