Back in the day when I started to play out as a DJ many records relied on the brass stab intro to Brass Construction’s Movin’ and it became as sampled as James Brown or George Clinton.

On Friday I did a different kind of move: moving house. The process has been a trial (and if anybody knows where I can get cheap Dexion(TM) racking in the UK email me: renaissancechambara at macdotcom.

A couple of tips:

  • Big Yellow Storage sell box packages that are ideal. Invest in a proper packaging tape gun, I got mine from Rymans
  • Plot your route with The AA Route Planner and do a dry run in a car before the move, I still can’t believe this service is free
  • Rent a large Luton Box van or equivalent, I found Thrifty van hire really good, however their coverage in the UK is not universal

Carroll’s Laws of Moving

  • There is no such thing as too many boxes
  • If at half way through packing you think you will have plenty of space in the van, in reality you will just scrape by
  • Make sure that you bring more cleaning stuffs than you could possibly use, because you will still use them
  • As above for bin bags

2 replies on “Movin’”

  1. I have always found it better to get someone else to do the moving!

    Seven years ago was the last move and this involved 4 weeks of hell from the other half and then the men from Pickfords came in and did the lot in three days. No stress just expensive!

    The other thing I would say is its always better to move into a house twice as large as the one you currently live. This makes the process of organising all our stuff very simple. The only downside is that you have to keep move further out from the town center.

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