Creative Business and Fly Posting

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Today’s FT Creative Business has a good article on pitches here called The Art of Persuasion.

Top tips include:

  • Seating – try and control it. Where a table is straight try not to sit directly opposite

  • Listening well – Keep control with eye contact, use of the person’s name and jargon-free speech.

  • Attention breakdowns – repeat important points and USPs to your audience

  • Personality types – identify them as best you can and adapt and mirror
  • Body language gestures – don’t ignore resistance – take action. For instance, if an arm-fold looks negative then perhaps pass the person something to read, and then try to ascertain the cause

Seen on telephone junction box

I noticed an fly poster on a telephone junction box near Mile End tube station for a recruitment firm looking for secretarial staff that works in the media sector. The headline of the copy was “Tell them where they can stick their advertising”