New Ambient Advertising

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I am not too sure if this should count as a case of good corporate citizenship or a exploitative new low in the world of marketing and advertising. According to a newspaper report Ben & Jerry’s the hippie founded ice-cream brand owned by Unilever has struck up an arrangement with nuns who help the homeless, drug addicted and prostitutes in Amsterdam. Amongst this help will be warm clothing WITH Ben & Jerry branding. The nuns have done very well since they have managed to secure help for people who would be a deeply unpopular sell to most corporate sponsors. Children and animal charities have a better appeal to a wider demographic, so B&J could have done a deal with a donkey sanctuary instead.

You can read the piece in the Louisville Channel here

Kudos to Robert Loch of the Mr Greens Forum on

I would hope that the fact that heroin addicts often consume ice-cream as an easy to eat, easy to hold down food substitute had nothing to do with Ben & Jerry’s decision.