Beyond EyeToy

Reading Time: < 1 minute

EyeToy is Sony Computer Entertainment’s highly successfully camera based gaming. A web cam-type device hooks into your PlayStaton and the software in compatible games monitors your movements in front of the camera and responds to them. Gaming has been opened up to the rest of us with so-so eye-joystick coordination.

Wild Devine have taken the concept of user interaction one step further, using biofeedback sensors on the fingers to control their game Journey to Wild Devine. So if you can meditate, you can play. If you can’t, practice with the game will help you learn hw to meditate. Sounds very new age and would have been a big hit in the chillout rooms at raves in the early 1990s, but I think Wild Devine has the potential to take off. There is a Quicktime advert here that explains it all.