Putting the faith back into the mailman and a Japanese retail gem

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Royal Mail

The other day I had to go to the Royal Mail sorting office around the corner from my house to pick up a package. I showed my credit card as proof of signature and identity. I then went about my business, later that day before meeting some friends for a spot of networking. I realised my wallet was missing, having watched all the consumer watchdog programmes I immediately realised that some organised crime syndicate could be siphoning my coffers and running up my credit card bill. I immediately cancelled my cards, but thankfully no activity had taken place. I was more worried about getting my wallet back, as it was a limited edition black leather sports wallet by Stussy, which also had considerable sentimental value.

I retraced my steps but to no avail. I gott back home to find a package posted through my door: my wallet with all the cash and the now void cards. We see so much criticism of the Royal Mail, if you read some of the quality tabloids you would think it was staffed by the Cosa Nostra. I thought that I would write this positive story up for a change, nice one Bow sorting office!

Arigato supermarket

Being a media-type I frequent Brewer Street in Soho a fair bit, I recently found a bit of a retail gem there. Arigato is a Japanese grocery store at 48-50 Brewer Street which has a fantastic selection of sushi, Miso soup pastes and sauces; all with too-cool-for-school packaging design. Here is a map.