Supersize me

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Whilst it is obvious that Supersize Me had an agenda and I was particularly sympathetic to its point about the ways in which the food industry markets to children. I still find it hard to dislike McDonalds despite their low wages and the slightly sinister nature of Ronald McDonald because they once employed me for six weeks, at a time when the only growth industry in Merseyside was sham training companies set up on the back of government ‘back to work’ initatives.Supersize Me had some interesting data:

  • Many filling stations sell more sweets and soft drinks than petrol and diesel
  • There are over three million food and drink vending machines in the US
  • Two out of every three American adults are obese
  • Over a third of American children are overweight
  • The Island of Manhattan has the highest density of McDonald’s restaurants in the world
  • Eating chocolate affects the same receptors in the human brain as heroin