Winter Wonderland

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The San Jose Mercury News has a great preview article covering the Consumer Electronics Show which starts tomorrow in Las Vegas. Apparently Bill Gates is doing a keynote to try and justify the existence of a monopolistic software company in a wireless living room through Microsoft Windows*, a similar song-and-dance routine is expected on the following two days by Carly Forina and Craig Barrett – yawn, why not just get Michael Jackson or Siegfried and Roy instead? *Microsoft Windows is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation (and they are welcome to it!). According to the article the big themes this year in new products are:

  • Portable devices: Sony’s tombstone like PSP portable games and media console gets its US launch, portable DVD and video players, satellite radios
  • Cell phones featuring WiFi internet access
  • WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity for televisions and other home entertainment equipment in place of reliable and inexpensive cabling
  • HD-DVD versus Blu-Ray: battle of the future DVD standards for even more commentaries and subtitle languages
  • iPod accessories: no sh!t Sherlock?
  • Bigger flatter TVs: CRT – RIP maybe