Big Mobile

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At one time very long ago, Doctors could be seen on cigarette advertisements advocating the beneficial properties of menthol laced tabs. Viz magazine spoofed this and the ‘Guinness is good for you’ advertisements with their range of ‘Ciggies and drink keep you in the pink’ spoof ads and merchandise. Now we all know better, that in fact tabacco is the spawn of all evil, which is why chavs, students and attractive young women smoke.

Tabacco companies will soon be able to commiserate with mobile phone companies after the week that they’ve been having. First UK government experts from the National Radiological Protection Board say that mobile phones are bad for the health of children and more consideration should be given to siting of cellular base stations, now has a story written by Kevin Poulsen about the way a hacker cracked T-Mobile’s network like an egg. In 30 years time we may have ‘no phoning’ policies and Nokiaette patches to help ease phoners away from their health destroying habit.