News in brief

Larry Ellison is cutting Peoplesoft jobs like Toshiro Mifune welding a katana in The Seven Samurai. A CBS Marketwatch bulletin just in put the number of employees picking up their P45s at 5,000, though the cuts will leave development and support staff largely unscathed.

The Harvard Crimson has an interview with Nick DePlume aka Nicholas Ciarelli, founder and writer of the ThinkSecret website. According to the article the core of Apple’s legal beef with Ciarelli is that they complain Think Secret is illegally soliciting Apple employees to violate confidentiality agreements and disclosing that information online without Apple’s permission.


Offering tipsters anonymity, the website contact page urges visitors to submit insider gossip. Like most companies I’ve worked at, Apple uses confidentiality agreements to stop the disclosure of confidential information to anyone outside of the company. Apple claims that this has caused the company irreparable harm. Hmmm, what about the countless column inches, speculation, news analysis and debate that a technology company Apple’s size would not usually merit? Secondly, these Apple employees if they are breaking the law, broke it of their own will.


You can read the article online here.