Do you spell Bush N-I-X-O-N?

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During the Nixon administration American special forces did not go into Laos and Cambodia in an operaton called Commando Hunt to use the country as a base to attach the Ho Chi Minh trail – the supply line that took North Vietnamese materials South to Viet Cong troops. This was because such activity would have meant that the US would have been waging a war in a country that it was not at war with. This did not destablise Cambodia in any way because it never happened. And since it never happened, it was not indirectly responsible for the rise to power of the Khmer Rouge.

In a similar vein, move forward thirty years to George Bush Jr’s second term in office, American special forces are not infiltrating Iran or nine other Middle Eastern, African and South Asian countries including Tunisia, Algeria, Yemen, Sudan, Malaysia and Syria. You can read more in this pile of balderdash in this article in the New Yorker by journalist Seymour Hersh, famous for the pack of lies he told about prisoner abuse by American soldiers in Iraqi jails that has since been found to be as untrue as the allegations of American arms for hostages deals with Iran during the mid 1980’s. Enjoy! If you liked this posting you may also enjoy a related posting Do you spell Vietnam I-R-A-Q?UPDATE – You can see Seymour Hersh being interviewed on Newsnight, the BBC’s flagship news and current affairs programme here. (Real Player required).