Axis of evil: Iran, North Korea, Old Europe, Sponge Bob Square Pants?

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The New York Times yesterday had an article about the Nickelodeon cartoon star appearing in a ‘pro-homosexual’ video. The video in question was distributed by Nile Rogers (yes that’s right: the Chic, Sister Sledge producer) We Are Family foundation (geddit) and the ‘pro-homosexual’ element tolerance pledge only appears on a related website. The pledge was originally taken from the Southern Poverty Law Group. What next:

  • Camp Delta now home to suspected ‘Al-Queda’ sleeper cell members Bert, Ernie and Big Bird from Sesame Street?
  • Mr Rogers actually did reconnaissance on the neighbourhood for years with a view to planning a Timothy McVeigh style spectacular?
  • Secret CIA files newly declassified reveal how Captain Kangaroo got his name: that he was made a Captain in the KGB for recognition of his role in aiding the Rosenbergs by hiding atom bomb blueprints in a pouch like a marsupial?

The New York Times article is here (registration required).