Valley Culture

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The BBC World Service radio programme Global Business has a programme on its website that talks about the Intel-AMD rivalry in terms of the personal conflict between Jerry Sanders and Andy Grove. It should be up until next Friday, well worth a listen. (Realplayer required).

VC investment in the Valley is down to its lowest for seven years according to a survey by Ernst & Young and VentureOne. Interestingly biotechnology is attracting less investment than previously. It was also claimed that companies are staying in stealth mode for longer, indicating that they are trying to self fund their businesses for longer leaving them in a stronger position to speak with external investors. One interesting omission was the relative attractiveness of competitors to Silicon Valley in other countries for VC investment money instead. More in this article from The journalist who wrote the article has some contrary information on his blog here, it all looks about as clear as UK housing market data.In a geek equivalent of the chattering classes, some 100 ‘influencers’ will be receiving free gifts as product placements, similar to what celebrities already receive. Hmm, some geeks or Jay-Z, I think I know where my connect marketing budget would be going. Let’s face it John Doerr with the latest mobile phone is not going to generate as much publicity as Paris Hilton; unless John was wearing one of Paris Hilton’s outfits. But good luck to the people who are building this into a business. More from one of the lucky 100 here.