Blink or you’ll miss it

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The New York Times has a review of Malcolm ‘Tipping Point’ Gladwell’s new book Blink. The crux of the book’s argument is that gut impressions are often the best answer, it reminds me of something Conan Doyle wrote in his Sherlock Holmes books, something about intuition being the understanding of small clues on a subconscious level rather similar to what Gladwell calls ‘thin slicing’. The name thin slicing comes from taking a small amount of a problem and extrapollating it out into a whole. Anyway, whether or not there is any more validity in a the argument than any other way, Gladwell’s work is likely to enter the lexicon of faddist business people once it starts selling in paperpack at the airport.

Gladwell has interesting archive of his article for the New Yorker here, you and read the first chapter of Blink here and the New York Times review of Blink is here.