Online Advertising

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This New York Times article is really interesting. It explains how the resurgence of internet advertising has impacted on news media organisations and contextualises the recent sale of high-quality media properties CBSMarketwatch, Slate and speculation surrounding both the Motley Fool and TheStreet. If some of the technical trade media properties could see the same kind of turnaround I know many people who would be very happy.

My favourite bit from the article: When L. Gordon Crovitz, the president of Dow Jones & Company’s electronic publishing division, sat down last spring to assemble a three-year strategic plan, one of the things he foresaw was a potentially costly gap about to open. If the demand for online advertising continued to grow, Dow Jones’s Web sites, including The Wall Street Journal Online, would not provide enough page views for all the online ads the company could sell.

“That is a wonderful problem to have,” Mr. Crovitz said, “but you don’t want to have that problem if you can avoid it.”