Jargon Watch: Determined Detractors, BRIC, Happy Slapping

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Determined detractors – persistent critics of a company, product or service who mount their own PR campaign. Examples include moveon.org, Supersize Me and ipodsdirtylittlesecret.com who use the gains made in digital technology (digital video, laptop movie production, websites, email newsletters, web logs, RSS feeds, flash animation) to develop asymmetric warfare marketing campaigns against their target brand, product or service. Thanks to Sense Worldwide.

BRIC – the emerging and increasingly influential markets of Brazil, Russia, India and China. Thanks to Wired magazine Jargon Watch.

Happy slapping – latest craze sweeping through schools where someone walks up, slaps someone in the face and records the reacton a mobile phone with a camera capability. As heard on a radio news report on LBC.