Young consumers reject converged devices allegedly

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According to research by Mobeon Labs (via netimperative), 16-19 year olds are mostly likely to use SMS and voice on their phones rather than MP3 players, radios or video messaging. In addition, they do not understand the services offered by carriers or see much difference between operators. All the expensive brand-building work done by the likes of Vodafone and Orange has gone to waste?

Not surprising results really, remember the furore of WAP where banks like the Halifax rolled out WAP-baed online banking services only to quietly shut them down due to lack of use.I once heard tell of product from HP. The story went something along the lines of: HP developed a PC type computer that used a touch screen rather than a mouse called the HP 150. It was a considerable technical acheivement and they were proud of it. A consultant walked through the development area and noticed that the engineers were not using their own creation to write techinical documentations and reports. He told his client at HP that the product would be a failure. They boo-hoo ed the idea and went ahead launching the computer. It tanked. People didn’t want to use it because it would take thier hands away from the keyboard, unlike a mouse. The moral is that people want stuff that is easy to use to incorporate into their life.

More internesting from a PR point of view telecoms providers have once again failed to rise above the status of being a utility. All the expensive sponsorship deals with David Beckham and creative cinemas spots were for nothing.