Mobile TV nation joins tech rocketship

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Over at his blog, my friend Ian Wood is talking up multicasting technology as being one of the future drivers for mobile technology after conversations that he has had in the course of his work with Nokia and Crown Castle. This idea of media everywhere has also come up in briefings I have had regarding one of my new clients Motorola who have talked in the likes of The Economist of a vision were media content flows from one device to another as the user changes their environment. From the television to your phone, the in-car entertainment system and your PowerBook on your office desk.

Current Analysis’ Emma Mohr-McClune has described how carriers including Vodafone, 3 and O2 have already been trialling 3.5G mobile technologies in her report Building a business case for HSDPA, despite taking their time to roll out 3G services.

According to Bob Cringely’s column for some 25 billion USD of uninvested money is due to be handed back by venture capitalists to their investors in the next year to 18 months. If the funds are handed back the VCs have to also refund their two per cent annual managment fee, that equates to some three billion USD in lost fees. Bob reasons that they will invest in dogs and no hopers rather than do that. A massive injection into the mobile space may create the kind of bubble that is just what the doctor ordered for many technology companies.