Banking on blogs and other musings

Boutique bankers Think Equity Partners LLC now have their own blog, not as interesting or articulate as the likes of Andy Kessler it looks like a reasonably well concealed attempt to talk up the market. I am sure the content will improve as time moves on. Thanks to Ian Wood for putting me on to Lifehacker, a light but interesting read and open about its relationship with Sony.According to the US Army, it is convinced that its free to download game America’s Army is a more effective way of delivering its messages to potential recruits than advertising. Where it really gets interesting is in the math, America’s Army costs about six million USD a year, in contrast its advertising budget runs into hundreds of millions. That’s an ROI that PR couldn’t match. More from the New York Times Circuits section.

Finally, Microsoft is having to recall the power cables on over 14 million Xbox consoles due to the real risk of a fire. Seven people have received burns, 30 customers have reported fire damage and 23 have reported smoke damage or localised damage to flooring or entertainment systems. The recall affects over 70 per cent of Xbox consoles in the wild. More details from