Network Readiness Index: No Real Meaning

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The Global Information Technology Report  and its network readiness index has been published this year. Its a great document full of facts and figures that you can quote in articles, analysis and comment until the next one comes out. But what does its ranking actually mean?

The report is driven by its Network Readiness Index. This value drives the interpretation of the data. It favours countries that has a series of concentrated population centres so it is not surprising to see Singapore come out on top and the US sit somewhat lower in the table. I haven’t seen much of a difference made by Iceland in technology circles, but with an inhospitable hinterland and population centred around the capital it must be easy to network up. What it does not reflect that even with a miniscule proportion of network ready people in Brazil, India and China these countries importance in glocal technology terms would rival the traditional importance of the US,