Unimpressive impressionists

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Unimpressive impressionistsHere at Chez R/C we had a cultural Saturday taking in two of the biggest exhibitions currently in London. At the Tate Britain there was a special exhibition that focused on the work of Turner, Whistler and Monet. The exhibition didn’t really grab me and because of the crowds you could not view many of the larger Turner paintings from a far enough distance to appreciate many of the elements in the picture. It was interesting to read about how the air pollution of the industrial age affected London, its views and the art of these painters. Turner
in particular appreciated the unique light quality affected by the ‘pea soupers’.

A train journey across London, to Liverpool Street and a walk took us over to the Truman Brewery, were we had the opportunity to see the fruits of Red Bull’s ‘art of can’ campaign. This was a national campaign that encouraged the general public to create works of art from these cans. The winner of the competition was a portrait of Tony Blair made out of cans called ‘No Bull’.

I particularly liked the can-can dancers and will share some more with you over the coming days.