Tiger Woes part two

Reading Time: < 1 minute

Following on from my initial look, being a .mac user and using Apple’s latest version of its operating system 10.4 Tiger has brought some disappointments.

First of all synching of data between your .mac account and your computer seems faster, unfortunately looking at the data itself, the synching does not seem to happen. Then the Virex anti-virus application that comes with .mac is not 10.4 compatiable. There is no information about if or when Virex will be 10.4 compatiable. In the meantime here is a link to a freeware virus scanner courtesy of the Small Dog Electronics newsletter Kibbles & Bytes.

Apple is offering .mac users exclusive widgets in the near future, but I can’t get the ones I already have to work. According to Mossberg the OS ships with over a dozen, I can only find three on my machine, I tried to download more from the Apple site but Dashboard just wouldn’t play nice with them.

Don’t get me wrong MacOS X is a great operating system but there is little reason to upgrade from Panther yet.