PR Stunts and Virals of Note

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Country Music Television (CMT) announced that it has appointed a vice president CMT Dukes of Hazzard Institute. He gets paid 100k USD to sit at home and watch the Dukes of Hazzard in a PR stunt that was brilliantly designed to garner coverage. The role attracted applications from 1,900 candidates throughout the US. The nationwide search included recruitment ads in national magazines and newspapers and online job postings at Web sites.

Job description:

• watching The Dukes of Hazzard every weeknight on CMT.
• knowing the words to The Dukes of Hazzard theme song, “Good Ol’ Boys,” written and performed on the series by the legendary Waylon Jennings.
• serving as media expert on The Dukes of Hazzard for the CMT Dukes of Hazzard Institute: participating in TV, radio and newspaper interviews to share his expertise and passion for The Dukes of Hazzard on CMT.
• writing The Dukes of Hazzard Institute online blog for
• being passionate about The Dukes of Hazzard on CMT.
• making appearances at special events such as CMT DukesFest 2005

Burger King has decided to use the power of the dark side to peddle its fast food. The restaurant chain has teamed up with Lucasfilms to create an animal, mineral or vegetable based viral. Pit your wits against Lord Vader at Sithsense