The Mac Is Dead, Long Live The New Mac

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The Mac Is Dead, Long Live The New Mac
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Last Saturday evening, my trusty iBook G3, gave up the ghost in spectacular fashion, I needed a replacement machine sharpish to do work from home. This meant that the usual online shopping expedition was off the cards.
A trip over to my friend Steve on Sunday morning established that I hadn’t been doing anything stupid and that the hard drive was dead. The drive could not be resurrected with DiskWarrior.

Its now Sunday afternoon, what do I do? Sack off going to see Sin City and head on down to the Apple Store in Regent Street.
‘I want the cheapest system that I can get running’
‘No I do not want a warranty’
‘I do not want a more expensive machine’
‘Yes I do want additional memory fitted today’
‘No I do not want a warranty, or overpriced technical support’
‘No I do not want an overpriced Apple display’

Then off to Tottenham Court Road to pick up a monitor, where it is virtually impossible to find a shop that stocked them, eventually Maplins came good.

In the meantime, Apple removes the 256 MB DIMM from the memory slot and upgrades it to a 512MB DIMM

I cart it all back to the ranch:
– The mac mini has Panther on board, so I need to upgrade the
Operating System as well as uploading my applications.
– Fortunately I had my mail on an IMAP account so it was all held server side and my .mac account re-dumped my diary, to do list and address book down on to the new machine.

10:35pm on Sunday night finally sorted, just the work to take care of then…