The Rod For Sony’s Own Back

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Sony is busy trying to close down the UK and European grey market for Japanese market version Sony PSPs. Grey market devices are an ingrained part of gaming culture, the real hardcore fans want to have the latest and best, in the same way that movie fans will buy region free DVD players to watch the latest US and Asian DVD releases. One could assume that Sony rattling the cages of grey importers was just a way of keeping the PSP buzz going through to the much delayed European launch. However according to gaming fans interviewed in Saturday’s FT its as much as about not getting a substandard gaming experience. Japanese model PSPs are alleged to be able to play games from any region and to have a brighter and clearer LCD screen than those planned for European customers. Instead of a buzz, Sony has managed to leave a bitter taste in the mouths of many of the influencers it would look to evangelise the PSP in Europe.What do you think?