The B-Boy Posting

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Like trouble, great websites often come along in threes. Over the past few weeks I have found three great sites.Bournemouth based breaking crew and record label Second To None have a great web site that you can view here. The site also includes MP3s of mixes done by DJ Junk, you can buy the vinyl directly from them a lot cheaper than other shops and their service is the business.

I had to share this cover with you which is a parody of Ice T’s break out album Power (which pretty much wrote the book on gangster rap, even though Ice T meant it to be social commentary as satire).Power Moves has some funky ass tunes on it based on classics like Hijack’s Style Wars and Hardnoise’s Untitled.

Talking of Hijack, DJ Supreme the scratchmaster who gave their records an unparalleled sound has his own site. It features clips from his forthcoming DVD history of Hijack; a live performance from the Montreaux Jazz Festival and an old pirate radio set with Kamanchi Sly laying down lyrics over the top.

Finally Richcolour has pulled together a fantastic collection of old mixes and pirate radio adverts on this site featuring the likes of Steinski, Froggy, Les Adams and a very young Tim Westwood.