The Coolest Smartphone You’ve Never Seen

Reading Time: < 1 minute

Singapore-based technology company Qool Labs Pte Limited is a PalmSource licencee who makes a really sexy looking PalmOS powered smart phone called the QDA 700. Ok, their branding needs work, but their product design certainly doesn’t. The phone has a spec that would shame a Treo and doesn’t look like half a house brick and as you can see from the advertisement the QDA 700 has a built-in sultry babe magnet making the owner instantly irresistable.

Get this, they DON’T sell it in the UK or in the rest of Europe from what I can see. Not even Asian import specialists like Expansys sell it. It sells in Singapore for about 649USD. In addition, they have not licenced synching software for the Mac, like as if someone who likes their technology that stylish would use a PC? The call to action, help Qool Labs help themselvesSend a polite email to Ms Edna Ng on this email address explaining that you are interested in the QDA 700, you are based in the UK and would like to synch it with a Mac.

I reckon once they are convinced of the market demand the rest will follow naturally. Even if they don’t know it, Qool Labs need and deserve all the help they can get to bring this product West as part of a successful push for smartphone worldwide domination. Abuse or praise in the comments section please :-)