In The Mood For Tech

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When I studied at college I was told that the chocolate manufacturers loved a recession. As people were insecure or depressed they bought more chocolate. According to, Forrester Reseach has come to a similar conclusion about some gadgets. They have broken consumers down by income (high and low) and by the attitude to technology (optimistic or pessimistic). This seems to be a simplified model of their technographic profiles. The research is based on upon questioning the same sample for the past eight years on an annual basis.

I am sure that the product portfolios would shift around somewhat in Europe but what is interesting is way that the marketing channels to tackle all four groups are so delineated.
(Credit Forrester Research)

  • High-income optimists – word-of-mouth campaigns via podcasts, traditional tech hardware marketing with bulleted ‘bits and bytes’ lists of product features (sod the benefits) and low-cost search advertising
  • Low-income optimists – Marketers need to emphasize price and features to reach this group online or offline. Bought their PC at Aldi
  • High-income pessimists – Marketers pitch in with a simpler offer, a stronger brand and an offline approach; ideal segment for Apple then
  • Low-income pessimists – The most interesting and least rewarding in terms of average revenue per user. Marketers to target using television advertising; mainstream messages incorporating fear, greed or lust; and carefully manage their customer support costs. Does this mean that its wrong to use booth babes at tech conventions?