Does my ass look like orange peel to you?

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(Picture courtesy of Unilever)

Dove’s original UK execution of its campaign for beauty integrated marketing programme got a lot of criticism for voting boxes that allowed subversion of the advertising message, and was parodied by the likes of HolyMoly. Now the latest campaign for firming products based on the campaign for real beauty has prompted a great article on Slate how Dove’s Campaign for Beauty, whilst pretending to be about empowering women and allowing them to define beauty for themselves merely replaces one insecurity for another.

Cellulite is a skin condition that affects skinny celebrities and bloated housewives alike, up to now it was a ‘ (insert celebrity name here) has it and so do I’. Heat and OK magazine thrived on bringing readers pictures of celebs as normal women. Now Dove moves the game, its ok to be curvy or old, but heaven help you if you have an orange peel bum.

From a PR perspective this messaging leaves Dove open to be criticised as hypocrites by the media and womens interest groups; empowering women as a message won’t cut it, when the worm turns.