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Mark Stephens aka Bob Cringely is one of the reasons that I have worked in the technology, media and telecoms sector for the past 8 years.

His book Accidential Empires: How the boys of Silicon Valley made their millions, battle foreign competition and still couldn’t get a date gave me a good background in the area that seemed to impress the hell out of my colleagues for some bizarre reason.

A big lawsuit over the Cringely name and several years of web columns later, Bob is making the transition to rich media on the web. Since he is well known within in the industry, he has attracted great guests on a downloadable video programme. The kind of people that move the world, but still won’t be seen on the BBC.

Bob was the first person that I read to wake up to PayPal, not surprisingly, the programme will have an interview with the founder. You can watch more when NerdTV goes live on September 6th.