Jargon Watch: Dooced

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Dooced – to get fired because of your personal website. Heather Armstrong (nee Hamilton) worked in Los Angeles as a web designer. She catalogued her work experiences on her website, some of these postings her employer found to be objectionable and negative. This cost Heather her jobShe now blogs about her experiences as a stay-at-home Mum in Utah with a certain wit and style.

Heather’s advice on blogging about work: Never write about work on the internet unless your boss knows and sanctions the fact that YOU ARE WRITING ABOUT WORK ON THE INTERNET. If you are the boss, however, please don’t be a bitch and talk with your hands. And when you order Prada online, please don’t talk about it out loud, you rotten whore.

You can read the offending blog posts here.