Return of the Texan bar

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Recycling of intellectual property is something that companies have been doing for a while. How many Marvin Gaye, Roy Orbison or Jimi Hendrix compilations can the world take from the music industry?

Sports clothing brands Adidas and Puma both know the value of raiding classic designs in their archive.

Defunct arcade and console games like Atari have been resurrected on mobile phones and gaming controllers that come up to 30 games using modern electronics.

Now Nestle seem to have learned from this trend with their re-release of the Texan bar. Above is a picture I took of one in the wild. Its chew texture and toffee goodness makes a welcome return to sweet-shop shelves.Whilst we are on the issue of Nestle, what about the irony of their involvement in the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory film remake? Nestle are releasing lots of Willy Wonka branded chocolate and candy to coincide with the film. Where it gets interesting is that Roald Dahl’s book (and the film for that matter) is critical of big corporate confectioners who squeezed out the small independents and were alleged to have violated intellectual property rights of these smaller companies.