Jargon Watch: NSFW, E85

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NSFWNot Suitable For viewing at Work. I saw this first on Wired News columnist Regina Lynn’s article discussing the popularity vintage adult entertainment content.

While the subject matter was a reasonable discussion on a trend within the online media industry, some of the links off the page could get you fired.

E85 – A fuel mix of 85 per cent ethanol and 15 per cent petrol that is now cheaper than regular petrol in some parts of the States. Alcohol fuelled vehicles has been around for a good while. Brazil was one of the main pioneers, running cars off alcohol made from sugar cane.

E85 is now becoming a popular alternative fuel in parts of the states that grow a lot of corn, which is ideal for making alcohol (just ask Jack Daniels). While fuel companies are reluctant to carry alternatives to petrol since it fosters more competition; tax breaks, government subsidies, high oil prices and a large number of compatiable vehicles is seeing a small but significant number of filling stations now pumping E85.

Kudos the New York Times The New Prize: Alternative Fuels by Danny Hakim. For more information on alternative fuels including biodiesel and the bio/petroleum diesel blend B20 go to Altfuels.org, which is a good primer.