Design Classic: Halliburton Zero

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Halliburton is now a name entwined with the Bush Cheney government, usually to do with allegations of overcharging for services or the manner in which they have been awarded contracts.

The company had a long and proud history as a pioneer in the oil services industry. As with any pioneer, when the couldn’t find appropriate supplies they made them themselves.

Erle Halliburton founded the New Method Oil Well Cementing Company that later became Halliburton in 1960. One of the problems he faced in the 1930s was finding robust instrument cases and briefcases that would stand up to the rigors of the international oil business, from bouncing in the back of a pickup truck through the Texas oilfields to international air travel.

From this need the Zero Halliburton case company was born. Erle sold up his involvement in the case company in 1952, but they kept his founding ethos. The cases were made from the wonder material of the time – aluminum – which was finding use as a light high-strength metal in the aviation industry. The case also benefited from aluminum’s even heat dissipation properties to protect its internal contents.

Move forward to the 21st century and Zero Halliburton Stealth case has moved on with the launch of a carbon fibre case which retails for about 2000 USD. The use of carbon fibre gives this design classic a new feel and aesthetic whilst keeping true to Erle’s vision of a high performance case. If this sounds too rich I can recommend one of their traditional aluminium cases.