Design: Sinn U2 watch

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Black strap, the Sinn U2, metal bracelet the Sinn EZM3

Sinn is a German watchmaker who have a reputation of producing fantastically designed and produced watches. I’ve started to look around to add to my watch collection and paid particular interest to Sinn’s latest model dive watch, the U2. It is made of specially hardened stainless steel and has an Indian rubber strap. The watch has an additional hand in red to provide an additional time zone. The legibility of the watch display is really well done.

Unlike most Sinn watches however it is a triumph of style over substance. The strap has no vents, cleats that would allow the watch users wrist to feel more comfortable in hot weather.

The crown is not protected. Most diving watches including Sinn’s own designs have shoulders either side of the crown to protect it from damage. The watch forgoes a useful feature of other Sinn watches by putting the crown on the right-hand side of the case, it is more likely to catch on a shirt sleeve or a wet suit cuff.

This is one of the reasons why many divers wear their watch on their right hand even though they are not left handed. While the U2 is a great example of the watchmakers art, save your money and purchase their Einsatzzeitmesser 3 (EZM 3) model instead.