By the numbers

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Michael Moe of ThinkEquity Partners has put together some interesting US statistics on the business of public holidays at AlwaysOn Network (registration required).Especially interesting is the level of adult participation estimated to be at 30 per cent, with the number climbing to 50 per cent for the 16 – 24 year-old age band.

The most popular costume for children is a princess outfit, which outnumbers more traditional ghosts and ghouls by 2-to-1. Adults on the other hand take their cues from horror movies: a case of life imitating art.

Halloween is the sixth largest holiday by spending in the US:

  1. Winter holidays (Christmas, Hanukkah) 435 billion USD
  2. Valentines Day 13.2 billion USD
  3. Mothers Day 11.4 billion USD
  4. Easter 9.6 billion USD
  5. Fathers Day 8.2 billion USD
  6. Halloween 3.3 billion USD