Pump up the Brand

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Given that Technotronic and Ya Kid K’s bubblegum pop ‘Pump up the Jam’ has resurfaced in a mildly remixed form the title of this posting seemed appropriate.Lynx, the male fragance brand owned by Unilever has tried to leverage itself up from the primordial swamp of personal care products stocked in supermarkets with an interesting promotion. The marketers at Unilever have struck a deal with uber-trendy boutique Oki-Ni to make a personal fragrance for shoppers. All for the princely sum of 100GBP.

This includes a conical flask of your own perfume, a lab stand and bracket co-branded Lynx and Oki-Ni and a trendy vinyl figurine to stand next to the cinema display on the Mac at your office.

Where this gets really interesting is the deal that Unilever did in May to ‘divest itself of non-core interests’ such as Calvin Klein perfumes and yet is now trying to build the Lynx brand up. In addition, Lynx is actually known by other names in other countries like the US were it is called Axe (don’t ask us why).